IAM sets up designated webpage in support of World Food Safety Day

The United Nations (UN) celebrates the “World Food Safety Day” on June 7 every year starting from this year. “Food Safety, Everyone’s Business” is the theme for this year's celebration. To support the first-ever “World Food Safety Day”, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has specially set up a designated webpage on its “Food Safety Information” website and intensifies the promotion of the “Five Keys to Food Safety (ABCDE)”, so as to allow the public to learn and acquire the five key skills and concepts for prevention of foodborne diseases and put them into action in production, operation and daily life to ensure food safety in Macao through concerted efforts.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), an estimated 600 million people fall ill and 420,000 people die every year around the world due to consumption of contaminated food. Unsafe food contains harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, chemical substances, etc., which may lead to more than 200 diseases such as diarrhoea and cancer. However, food safety is taken for granted and food safety issues are often overlooked. As a matter of fact, food supply chains have become highly complex with the globalisation of trade. Everybody is a stakeholder in the food safety chain and anyone who participates in the production, processing, sale or preparation of food plays a crucial role in ensuring food safety.

To attract public attention to food safety issues, the General Assembly of UN adopted a resolution last year announcing the establishment of “World Food Safety Day” to promote the importance of safe food and encourage stakeholders to take actions to help prevent, detect and manage risks of foodborne diseases, so as to enhance food safety, human health, economic prosperity and sustainable development. The first-ever “World Food Safety Day” is celebrated under the theme of “Food Safety, Everyone’s Business” to raise global knowledge about food safety in general and to highlight that everyone involved in the food system has an important part to play.

In view of the “World Food Safety Day”, IAM has set up a designated webpage on the Food Safety Information website (https://www.foodsafety.gov.mo/e/fsevent/detail/8ae203c4-79b0-439c-8004-92f21a28c664). Through the webpage, members of the public can understand the objective of establishing the “World Food Safety Day” and the meanings of its themes, etc. In addition, they can learn about the detailed content of the “Five Keys to Food Safety (ABCDE)” through dissemination of important ideas including “Avoid Cross Contamination”, “Buy Right”, “Clean and Cook Completely”, “Danger Temperature Zone” and “Efforts to Maintain Macao Food Safety”, etc. The webpage is available in multiple languages. With the help of promotional leaflets and short animations, etc., the public can easily learn and grasp the key points on food safety and apply them in everyday life and food production with flexibility. It helps in reducing food safety risks by raising public’s awareness about food safety and enhancing the effectiveness of food safety management.

It requires the concerted efforts of the government, food trade and consumers to effectively safeguard food safety. IAM will continue to carry out the work of publicity and education of food safety to the food industry and consumers. For more information about food safety, please visit the “Food Safety Information” website (www.foodsafety.gov.mo) or use the “Food Safety Information" application.
IAM sets up designated webpage in support of World Food Safety Day
IAM sets up designated webpage in support of World Food Safety Day
IAM sets up designated webpage in support of World Food Safety Day